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J C   E n t e r p r i s e s

Seattle's Premier Luxury Home Builder

JC Enterprises has been a leader in the custom home construction and remodel industry in the greater Seattle area since 1984. As a fully insured and licensed custom builder we offer an array of services including: new home construction/tear downs,restorations, remodeling and maintenance of select properties. 
Our company's  success extends far beyond the construction of traditional style homes and also includes a broad expertise in areas such as residential finishes and high caliber renovations. We understand it can be intimidating looking for a building partner and want to open our doors for your viewing pleasure! 
Discover why JC Enterprises is the essence of what a luxury homebuilder should be.
Please feel free to explore our website, browse our client galleries to see the outstanding creations of JC Enterprises.  Also see what others are saying about JC Enterprises and its staff in our Testimony section. 
We are proud to be a part of their home building story, and proud to have our signature upon every home!
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