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Dream Bathroom



Imagine… you walk into your bathroom, ready to take a long, hot shower, after a tough day at the office. You turn on your shower's computer and enjoy the soft classical guitar from the theme of Il Postino while enjoying your luxurious shower orchestra. The water is cascading on you from six different directions...


It is like a finely rehearsed ballet of massaging streams dancing on your skin synchronously to the musicYou step out onto your heated marble floors and reach for a pre-heated towel to dry off your blissful body.


You realize when you look in the mirror to brush your teeth that the six o'clock news is playing on your bathroom mirror!

Lighting & Music



There are a variety of ways to add music to enhance the mood of your bathroom experience.  Adding music from a simple connection from your computer can take singing in the shower to a whole new level. 


Upload and cue music selections from your computer or MP3 player to relax or invigorate, depending on your mood.

Pictured here is the Kohler DTV System which creates a spa-like atmosphere by controlling your showers temperature, lighting effects, steam, and music!

Sinks & Faucets



New innovative and elegant bathroom sinks combine practicality and stunning looks. 


Choosing the right sink can give your bathroom a distinctive design.  From gemstone, copper, to hand blown glass, explore the possibilities! 


Add an LED faucet for an extra touch that will set your bathroom apart from the ordinary. 

Heating floor systems deliver radiant warmth that envelops your body and makes you floors feel like heaven.  The floor heating systems can be installed under any type of flooring, from hardwood to tile, and even carpet! 


In addition to the heated floors why not add a towel warmer that makes your towels fell like they just came out of the dryer?  Now that's luxury!

Floor Heating 






Chromatherapy is the term for a branch of holistic healing that utilizes color to achieve optimal health.  Its practitioners believe that colored rays have an effect on the body.  When color is seen, it can have an emotional impact,but there may be an even more powerful physical reaction.  When rays shine close to the body, they penetrate it, travel through it, causing changes in cells, blood vessels, and the nervous system.


Chromatherapy tubs allow an individual to be immersed in a warm, ultra-deep bath and with the touch of a button, enhance the bathing environment to include a full spectrum of dramatic color-from soothing to stimulating.  Kohler Sok with chromatherapy features eight hues that are sequentially transmitted via four LED light ports positioned within the inner walls of the bath. 


A simples touch of the button starts the color sequence.  Each color is displayed approximately eight seconds and washes over the bather in a faded hue, turning solid, and exiting again as a faded hue, giving way to the next color.


The colors adhere to a pre-determined progression that lasts a little more than one minute in total, starting with neutral white light followed by three cool, relaxing colors-purple, indigo and aqua blue, then green serving as the balancing color, and concludes with three warm, stimulating colors-yellow, orange and red.  You can now buy bathtubs, shower systems, and sinks with chromatherapy options. 






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